Thanks San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair

It is the first post in this new shop ! I think nothing better than do a recap of San Francisco Renegade Craft fair. I think it has been my 3rd time doing SF renegade, and I fell more and more in love with this show after times! It never stop amazed me about the people, the customer, the vendor and the design of the booth. This year is especially special too that they got two buildings ! Its so sad that I didn't get to walk around because I am always going solo with Buluchu . Also, its the first time that I seriously put some thought into my booth, and I launch a whole new card series and 4 new wrapping paper designs. Its all mile stones. 


This is probably the best close up I have for part of my products. I received lots of positive feedback toward my new business card, that is THE LITTLE RED HOUSE! It was also a relief that people love this set of new greeting cards! I am so glad that they all find good homes!


Photo by Buluchu, it was the sudden rush around 3pm. I was so busy talking, and doing all the stuff.


I usually would take a photo after we wrapped up. I think it represent the sweat and blood we put into the show. Imagine it was one big blank canvas , with the help of renegade craft fair, we  filled up the show with goodies. It best represent team works for me. It was also the prettiest moment of a craft show! 


This is my prius after I packed up. Back in the days, I start with maybe a box or two. I could even carpool 3 other people. However, Its just the matter of time that we run out of space in my car one day. It was so amazing to see the growth of our booth. 

I had such a great weekend! Thanks San Francisco!!!!